48 leds touch on off switch desk lamp adjusted brightness dimmer foldable rechargeable led table lamps reading light

Products features : 1. Power supply: USB power or built-in rechargeable lithium battery with 600mAH high capacity batteries. 2. Full angle rotation lamp rotate 270 degree 3. Eye protection. No stroboscopic no ghosting no flicker and anti-glare. 4. Safe to use. No infrared no radiation low carbon and pollution-free. 5. Convenient and portable widely used for reading writing office work especially for travelling business trip or any other outdoor activities 6. Foldable design light weight and small volume convenient to carry around 7. Folding desk lamp with 12 LED lights which is energy-saving and environment friendly Q: How can I adjust the brightness? A: The folding desk lamp comes with touch switch. Power ON / OFF when touch it for 1 second. The brightness can be adjusted when touch for 3 seconds. Strong light or weak light both available here. Q: How can I know if it's full charged? A: When charging the desk lamp from usb port the red indicator is on. When charging finished the red indicator is off. The charging time is about 3~4 hrs.

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