cross cultural research on academic english writing three studies

''''Cultural Mediation. A Case Study of Sami Research'''' is the nest of a magpie with bits and pieces gathered in a mixed style, interdisciplinary, translating the oral tradition of the academic lectures in the lanscape of the Sami and Norwegian geo-political and economic landscape. I apologise for any discrepancy, wrong or missing reference, which might interfere with the conventions of the academic writing in the text - they were possibly left out due to the economy of a Master thesis of time, money and experience. The argumentative talks between the students and the lecturers on the methodology used in the Indigenous Studies Programme at the University of Tromsoe, as shared by both well-established academic fields and newly emerged fields such as Indigenous Studies, allowed the room for developing this style and discussion on and of old and new texts and performative acts, artistic qualities embeded, and differences underlined or merged. My work of cultural analysis is a labyrinth for cultural understanding and mediation. The personae, Ande Somby and Henry Minde, as discussed in the paper are only discursive instances and fabulae of their written and performed acts.

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