cy 50mm mini pci e msata solid state disk ssd to usb 3 0 hard disk case enclosure w cable red

Black Color 50mm mini PCI-E mSATA 6Gbps Solid State SSD to USB 3.0 hard disk case enclosure; Support 6Gbps speed USB3.0; Support 5Gbps speed mSATA(Mini PCI-E SATA); The hard disk case it only for 5mm length mSATA SSD. There is no hard disk included at the case. Can work for all mSATA SSD see belowing: ASUS Eee Slate EP121 ACER W501 W500 Dell: M4500 M6400 M6500 Fusion Garage JOOJOO Google: CR-48 Chrome Lenovo:K26 K47A K47G Y460 T420S X220I Y470 T420 X220T Y560 T520 Z420 Y570 L420 T420SI E220S L520 W720 E420S W520 K27 K26 X220 Asus EP121 Dell: M4500 M6500 SAMSUNG PM800 mSATA TRANSCEND TRANSCEND mPCIE mSATA mSATA TOPSSD MinipCIE mSATA SSD Series mSATA INNODISK Innodisk Corp. mSATA J80 SSD mSATA RENICE Renice X3 50MM mSATA SSD mSATA INTEL INTEL Solid-state Drive 310 Series mSATA TOSHIBA THNSNB064GMCJ 64G mSATA

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