domestic life in palestine

Quality of life is a common concept in the health status and health promotion literature. Improving quality of life is the most important outcome of health services. Hence, the World Health Organization raised the notion: "Adding years to life" is an empty victory without "adding life to years". No previous texts were published to ameliorate the quality of life for breast cancer survivors in Palestine. Therefore, this book comes to fill the gap in literature about the burden of breast cancer and its effect on quality of life of breast cancer survivors in Palestine. This book is divided into six chapters. Chapter one presented previous studies and reports about the global, regional and national burden of breast cancer. Chapter two analyzed the concepts and the themes of quality of life in general. Chapter three presented an extensive literature review of breast cancer and quality of life. Chapter four presented the empirical study conducted in Gaza strip to evaluate the quality of life of breast cancer survivors. Chapter five presented the results and discussion of the findings. Finally, chapter six showed the conclusion and the recommendations.

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