galbraith r the silkworm

Sericulture is a labor intensive industry with its agricultural part of mulberry cultivation, silkworm egg production and silkworm rearing as well as its industrial sector of cocoon processing, silk reeling and weaving. During the last few years silkworm nutritionists have always been searching for better food by supplementing the mulberry leaves with different nutrients such as vitamins and various minerals to achieve an increase in the productivety of the silk yield. It is established now that the last larval instar of Bombyx mori is the most responsive to the food additives. In present years, it is imperative that a new structure, concept and approach of diversification is worked out and introduced sericulture to face the challenges of the day. Identifying and developing technologies which can make full utilization of mulberry and silkworm wastes in the form as a valuable by product industry. This will supplement huge profits from sericulture and make this industry economically viable. In this concept, silkworm pupa is the one largest part of bio-product in sericulture.

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