js 312 home infrared induction alarm device w 2 x remote controllers white eu plug

Widely used in place requires fortification of courtyards passageways corridors balconies warehouses sheds etc. It can be used alone can also be used online is an ideal choice for an affordable yet intelligent high-tech anti-theft products. Product features: 1 Simple and convenient installation angles flexible and adjustable. 2 Infrared detection without limitation day and night are available. 3 Intelligent delay design more suitable for a variety of unattended only places. 4 Powerful anti-interference small power consumption longer service life. Use: 1 Indicator light on after power connected automatic enter alarm status delayed 30 seconds later. When someone enters the detection zone the indicator lights and sound an alarm immediately. 2 When people leave or stop the alarm device stop after delayed 80s if more activity alert again and so on. 3 Press the remote control lock key to set alarm press the flash key for the power output (do not stop and the sound does not ring) press the voice key for the emergency alarm (sound electric output simultaneously) press unlock key for all functions lifted. Precautions: 1 Best installation 1.5-3.0m height from the ground 2 White film is receiving infrared lens do not scratch if stains please use a cotton cloth to clean avoid pressing. 3 Do NOT have a large area of тАЛтАЛshelter materials on the front of device so as not to affect the detection results. 4 Avoid installing the air conditioners heaters and other heating equipment 5 Unplug the power cord when wiring or moving. 6 The power output is designed to relay contacts do not overload when using an external electrical. Then relays can be added under special circumstances. 7 Can not be directly exposed to unprotected outdoor environment. 8 Vertical induction sensitivity is better than horizontal. Technical parameters: - detection range: 4-8 meters. - Detection angle: 100 x 35 degree - Operating voltage: AC 220V ± 15% DC9.6~13.8V. - Power-on blocking time: 20 seconds. - Wireless remote control distance: open ground 100 meters. - Alarm sound: about 110 dB

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