module stm32 x nucleo idb04a1 bluetooth low energy expansion board based on bluenrg for stm32 board nucleo

STM32 microcontroller with LQFP64 package STM32F103RBT6. Two types of extension resources Arduino Uno Revision 3 connectivity STMicroelectronics Morpho extension pin headers for full access to all STM32 I/Os mbed-enabled ( On-board ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer with SWD connector selection-mode switch to use the kit as a standalone ST-LINK/V2-1 Flexible board power supply USB VBUS or external source(3.3 V 5 V 7 - 12 V). Power management access point Three LEDs USB communication (LD1) user LED (LD2) power LED (LD3). Two push buttons: USER and RESET. USB re-enumeration capability: three different interfaces supported on USB Virtual Com port Mass storage Debug port Comprehensive free software. HAL library including a variety of software examples. Supported by wide choice of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) including IAR Keil GCC-based IDEs.

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